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Poster: laurenga Date: Feb 27, 2009 10:57am
Forum: web Subject: Access to a secondary page?

Ok, I have a doubt and I hope maybe someone could help me. I'm trying to access a webpage from a website, it was hosted in domain. The site went offline some years ago, so it can't be recovered. It hadn't robots or anything and it was successfully crawled repeatedly. There was a main page with links to some "secondary pages", all hosted under the same domain. I mean, the structure was and it had many links to I'm trying to recover one of these secondary pages, without luck. When I try, I get the "sorry, no matches" error. I try accessing the main page (the one with the links) via the wayback machine and there are like 5 different versions of it, and the link to the secondary page I want is there in like 3 of them (so the secondary page was there during these crawls), but if i click on this link, there's the "not in archive" message. If I try the "search for all pages", I see many of the secondary pages repeatedly crawled even though there were no changes at all in them. But the particular secondary page I'm looking for doesn't appear. Another thing I observed is that, when I do this "search for all pages"; it says that there are like 70 different pages found, yet the list I get is under 20 pages (which are like 50 if you add all the different crawls of the same page).
My doubt is, is the secondary page I'm looking for totally lost? Or maybe it could be found hidden in the wayback machine somehow I don't know?
Ok, thanks for your attention, and sorry for the newbie question - I'm just starting to get to know this archive site and I really think it's cool and full of possibilities!

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Poster: kustota Date: Feb 27, 2009 10:38pm
Forum: web Subject: Re: Access to a secondary page?

if the page you need doesn't come up in "search for all pages", then most probably you're out of luck. there are chances that some servers that file is stored on are down, but these chances are LOW. you might also try searching for the same URL but without 'www.' part.

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Poster: laurenga Date: Mar 1, 2009 12:36pm
Forum: web Subject: Re: Access to a secondary page?

I tried without the www, but still no luck. Oh well.
Thanks very much for your answer, it's much appreciated.

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